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Along with Forests NSW's gutless response
The Clouds Creek protest action moved to Coffs Harbour last Friday (May 29, 2009)
starting at the Forests NSW depot at the Jetty, moving later to the regional office in
West High Street after lunch.
The objective was to draw public attention to what is happening in State forests
generally, with particular emphasis on how Forests NSW's practices impact on the
regional water supply catchment, and to present a petition to the Regional Manager.
However earlier that week the organisers learned that the office had suffered
inundation during recent flooding and were temporarily closed. A call was made to
the Manager, Craig Busby,
informing him of the group's intention, but he childishly
refused to say where their temporary offices were located. That was easily overcome
by calling the office and asking the switchboard operator, who had no problem
informing the caller that they had set up shop across the street.
While the group were collecting signatures for the cause at the City Centre Mall, en-
route to West High Street, three of us, Joe Sparks from Wytalabah, Simon Harman,
and myself went on ahead to locate the new premises.
There were no signs on the closed building directing the public to the new office, and
we suspect they had been deliberately removed. However, we did finally locate the
new premises although any signs there may also have been removed.
Billy's Creek residents protest against over-logging and ecologically unsustainable forest management practices.