Clouds Creek Logging Update
July 2009
The rape and destruction of Clouds Creek's forests continues.
As followers of this scandal will already know, the unsustainable nature of the
operation is clear, and does not require the confirmation that was recently released by
the NSW Auditor General. Nor will the findings of the Hawke report for Federal
Environment Minister, Perter Garrett, which found the Regional Forest Agreements
have done little to protect the environment from logging,
“were unaccountable,
hard to measure and almost impossible to enforce",
come as any
The following photographs give a “then and now" perspective of the unsustainable
nature of current logging practices.
This current operation is not a thinning exercise, the pathetic twigs pictured above,
otherwise described as 'logs', are the result of single tree selection. Note them
stacked (lower right) against a habitat tree to cause maximum damage.
What has shocked us most is the widespread destruction of those habitat (old-
growth, hollow-bearing) trees. The following photographs show the problem.