More thoughtless logging destruction
February 2010
In early February, we visited the Doubleduke State Forest near Bungawalbin, south
of Woodburn, in response to a call for help from a neighbour.
That neighbour, along with other residents bordering Doubleduke, were never
contacted by Forests NSW to inform them of the intention to begin logging, and
were only alerted to what was planned when road works began in the forest.
According to the neighbour, his first contact with Forests NSW was with the
Regional Planning Manager at Coffs Harbour, who informed him there were
plans to log Doubleduke. He was eventually told the truth in a follow-up call to a
junior officer.
When I visited Coffs Harbour at the end of January to view the supposedly public
Operational Harvest Plan (OHP), I was prevented from copying the document
because, it was claimed, the copy was not signed and therefore, 'unofficial'. This was
despite the fact that logging was already under way.
The Doubleduke logging only began
about three weeks ago, but it took
only minutes to find evidence that this
operation is every bit as damaging as
other logging we have investigated.
The large dead tree pictured right,
critical habitat for hollow-dependent
fauna, has been felled, presumably for
OH&S purposes, despite it clearly not
being dangerously unstable.
A large dead tree needlessly felled