June 2010
The Clarence Environment Centre investigated logging in the Doubleduke State
Forest (NSW North Coast Region between Maclean and Woodburn) between
February and April, 2010, identifying the usual ugly wanton destruction, waste, and
widespread damage to standing trees through careless machine operation and post
harvest burning
We also expressed the belief that much the area being logged was
either Endangered Ecological Community (EEC), listed under the TSC Act, or High
Conservation Value Old Growth (HCVOG) forest which is protected under the
Native Vegetation Act, both of which should be excluded from logging.
Our revelations served to mobilise other groups like the North East Forest Alliance
and North Coast Environment Council, both of which have now undertaken
independent audits focusing on logging breaches and failures to identify or consider
threatened flora and fauna, and adherence to their Threatened Species licence.
We also showed that, in our opinion, roading in compartment 144 had been illegally
undertaken through possible HCVOG forest (see image below), and requested the
Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) to demand a explanation from Forests NSW.
That was delivered by email dated 27
May 2010.
On Tuesday 15
June, 2010, following a long weekend, the NCEC led 2 independent
ecologists on a survey of the roading area, and found work on a further 800 metres of
road had been started. The leaves of all the bulldozed vegetation were still very
fresh, but there was no sign of machinery, leading to our belief that the work had
ceased the previous week, possibly Friday June 11.
Any tree which can be cut down using
safety as an excuse, is quickly destroyed.
Doubleduke State Forest
Independent logging audit update
There is waste everywhere in the forest
particularly at log dumps.