After 5 years of intense spraying with herbicides and insecticides, Tasmanian based
plantations giant, Forests Enterprises Australia has reportedly given up on hundreds
of hectares of Dunns White Gum plantation at Kangaroo Creek, in northern NSW.
Loss of the plantation, that was funded by tax free dollars through managed
investment funds, is unlikely to be of any great concern to FEA who, as we
understand it, will simply claim on their insurance.
The failure of the plantation was always predictable, and we have been warning of
this very eventuality for years, but this is cold comfort. The promise of providing a
sustainable plantation timber resource to take pressure off native forests is now under
serious question. The real tragedy is the significant environmental damage that
occurred when thousands of trees, many of them old-growth, were bulldozed in order
to establish these plantations in the first place. That damage was matched by the loss
of biodiversity as a consequence of the half decade of endless bouts of chemical
spraying that followed.
Bardool Plantation, Kangaroo Creek, January 2009
Repeated psillid attacks causing defoliation over their five year lifespan, has seen these
Kangaroo Creek plantation trees slowly die. What happens now.