The Clarence Environment Centre has made several submissions on various
documents that have been placed on public exhibition over the past three years,
relating to the Wells Crossing to Iluka Road Pacific Highway realignment.
At the outset we must stress that despite the claim (page 3 of the pictured document)
The Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (the RTA) has conducted
extensive community consultation"
, none of the four environment groups active in
the Clarence Valley (Clarence Environment Centre, National Parks Association,
Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition, or Valley Watch) approve of the preferred
route that was finally adopted by the RTA. That preferred option was also rejected by
the peak regional environmental organisation, the North Coast Environment Council,
and three Clarence Valley community groups active at the time (Not an Option, Wild
Things, and a James Creek/Gulmarrad residents group). Even the Cane Growers
Association was opposed to it because of the impact it would have on prime
agricultural land, but they have subsequently managed to negotiate minor changes.
Roads and Traffic Authority's
Pacific Highway Upgrade at Glenugie