July 2010
As the caption below the above photograph points out, Australia now joins the
infamous club of countries around the world that see rainforests only as a short term
timber resource, to be plundered by a greedy few for a hand full of dollars.
For years now, environment groups and concerned individuals have become aware
that Forests NSW is flaunting its obligations under the Integrated Forests Operations
Agreement to undertake Ecologically Sustainable Forest Management. As a result
the Clarence Environment Centre and other environment groups, including the North
East Forest Alliance and the North Coast Environment Council, have undertaken a
series of audits of logging operations in North Coast State forests.
As a result, within a mere three months, we have reported routine breaching of
Licence conditions in as many state forests. These breaches include a failure to retain
the required number of habitat trees, or identify threatened species. We have reported
logging within exclusion zones, misidentification of forest types, pollution incidents
and more. But most disturbing of all, logging of protected Endangered Ecological
Communities, rainforest, and high conservation value old growth Forest (HCVOG).
Grange State Forest destruction a catalyst for change.
No! This photograph was not taken in Sumatra, Indonesia, or Borneo, or even in the
Amazon rainforest, this is happening to rainforest in our own back yard.