May 2008
The unacceptably high level of habitat destruction, and the unsustainability of rural
residential living is nowhere better illustrated than at the Bardsley Estate,
immediately to the south of the village of Coutts Crossing in the Clarence Valley.
For the best part of four kilometres, native forest has been, for the most part, stripped
clear on both sides of the road, to be replaced by mowed parkland supporting
possibly less than 5% of the biodiversity it once contained.
Recent State Planning initiatives included a series of regional development strategies
covering all or most of NSW. Despite acknowledging the need to reduce the
damaging environmental impacts of urban sprawl, these strategies failed to overturn
what were clearly excessively large areas of previously zoned rural residential land.
As a result of this planning failure, the Kangaroo Creek Road rural residential estate
marches inexorably southward, spreading its environmental destruction ever further
from the urban centre and its support services.
The latest application to subdivide begins with the usual preemptive clearing for
fencing, something that allows an easement of up to 12 metres to be cleared.
Reportedly, this excessive clearing has a lot to do with insurance companies refusing
to honour claims for fire damaged fences if a 6 metre fire break is not in place.
The Clarence Environment Centre has sent the following letter to Clarence Valley
Council, alerting its staff to the threatened species implications of approving this
development. We will keep members informed of future developments.
More habitat destruction proposed,
Kangaroo Creek Road
Preemptive clearing for fencing at the site of a proposed rural residential subdivision on
Kangaroo Creek Road, south of Coutts Crossing in the Clarence Valley (entirely legal).