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In early September, the Clarence Environment Centre joined a National Parks
Association organised inspection of the Orara West State Forest about 20km west of
Coffs Harbour.
Our film production team came along to record the event, which was attended by
experts in a range of ecological fields, zoologists, botanists, and forest type mapping.
One of the fist impressions
visitors have when visiting
the site is the rugged nature of
the country with steep slopes
that make one wonder how
logging in this country can
physically occur.
However the evidence that
logging has indeed occurred
in the past, as recently as the
mid 1990s in fact, can be
found in the form of stumps
of all ages.
The Forest NSW Harvest Plan
explains that the forest was
subjected to the Forest Stand
Improvement (TSI) program
that was run some 40 years
ago, and involved heavy
logging of any merchantable
trees, and the cutting down of
large numbers of what were
described as “over mature"
trees, leaving only healthy
mature trees to provide seed
for future crops. The theory
being that in some 30 years
time, an even aged stand of
trees would emerge to allow
clear felling to occur.
The latest State Forest under threat
A patch of gully rainforest in the typically steep terrain
found in the Orara West State Forest.