The above photograph shows the expanse of the Glenugie State Forest stretching to
the horizon almost 20km away at Halfway Creek. The swathe of destruction is just
the beginning, a 7km section of a proposed 80km orgy of destruction across the
Clarence Valley.
In our previous update, we reported that
the RTA had initially proposed to clear the
alignment to an average width of 120 metres for that 7 kilometres
(85 hectares)
admitting the road's 'footprint' would only average 60m in width. We also reported
that, possibly because of lobbying by the Clarence Environment Centre, the Federal
Minister's approval reduced the clearing allowance to 65 hectares. This 27.5%
reduction is supposed to see the average clearing width reduced to an average 90m,
and save at least 1,000 threatened Square-fruited Ironbarks from destruction.
Along with the reduced clearing, Minister Garrett has also required the RTA to
acquire a further,
habitat for the Square-fruited Ironbark that is equal or
greater quality to that removed..."
to be set aside and conserved. We believe this
110 hectare parcel will also be acquired from the State forest estate, meaning that for
this 7km section alone, there will be a net loss of 175 hectares of timber resources.
May 2010 update on the destruction
Bear in mind the existing highway is just metres away to the right and will remain in service