By John Edwards - 1
November 2008
Hickie, Ian Cohen's adviser, contacted me several months ago asking for suggestions for
questions that could be asked of Ministers facing the Budget Estimates Committee.
I forwarded to Scott a rough draft of several questions relating to plantations, based on responses
received from The Hon Verity Firth, the then Minister of Environment and Climate Change; and the
Hon Ian Macdonald, Minister for Primary Industries. Scott did a great job of rewording the
questions for me.
Below are the questions (in brown), followed by the Minister's response (in black)and below that is
our assessment of those answers (in blue)..
John Edwards
Honorary Secretary
* * *
Mr Cohen to Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Energy, Minister for Mineral
Resources, and Minister for State Development (the Hon Ian MacDonald) —
Question 1.
Does the Minister or Department of Primary Industry have empirical evidence
that demonstrates that many communities across the State consider plantations
to be beneficial for local services.
If so,
can the Minister reveal and identify the source of the information.
provide details of those communities that believe there are benefits to local
services from plantations.
Minister's response
The Australian Government Bureau of Rural Sciences (BRS) examined socio-
economic impacts of the plantation industry in a range of Australian regions,
including the South West Slopes of NSW (the primary plantation region of
NSW), between 1991 and 2004 and released a report in November 2005.
The Western Research Institute and Illawarra Regional Informational Service
prepared a report for the Central Western Regional Development Board titled
Oberon Community Timber Industr y Perception Survey, July 2005.
Dwyer Leslie Pty Ltd in association with Dr R.A Powell and on behalf of the
then State Forests of NSW prepared a report, Oberon: Rural Community
Development Study, in 1995. The report was the result of five years of
Budget Estimates Committee - responses from
the Hon Ian Macdonald, Minister for Primary Industry,
and Minister for Environment and Climate Change
to questions on plantations from Ian Cohen MLC