Warnings of global warming and its associated climate change have been coming for
decades from the world's scientific community, finally resulting in the first real
evaluation of the magnitude of climate change by a scientific conference in Villach,
Austria, in 1985. However, the mere suggestion that our use of fossil fuels is a major
contributor to the problem had alarm bells ringing for fossil fuel industries.
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In his book, "An Inconvenient Truth",
Al Gore reports on the morally corrupt
actions undertaken in America by a
group he describes as:
"a well-funded
cadre of special interests, including
xxon Mobil and a few other oil, coal
and utilities companies."
He goes on
to explain:
"These companies want to prevent
any new policies that would interfere
with their current business plans that
rely on massive unrestrained dumping
of global warming pollution into the
arth's atmosphere every hour of
every day."
One of the internal memos prepared
by this group to guide employees they hired to run their disinformation campaign
was discovered by the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Ross Gelbspan. Here was
the group's stated objective: to "reposition global warming as a theory, rather
than fact
January 2007
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