Nymboida National Park Fauna Survey
Clarence Environment Centre members lend a hand
May 2007
Following an extensive fox baiting program in the Nymboida National Park, fauna
surveys were undertaken in May this year, using sand pads on which tracks can be
identified, spotlighting, and trapping on a number of consecutive nights.
The survey specifically targeted
the threatened Rufous Bettong
Aepyprymnus rufescens),
a small
wallaby-like species not much
larger than a rabbit. The nocturnal
Rufous Bettong forages for tubers,
fungi and insects in open eucalypt
forests, with a preference for the
soft sandy soils of coastal heath
areas and flats bordering creek
and drainage lines, with ample
clumping grasses for nest
Weighing, measuring and micro-chipping fauna is vital for keeping tabs on the health of our
national parks. Parks' ranger Gina Hart weighs a Possum, with Clarence Environment Centre
volunteer Patricia Edwards (centre).
Vulnerable Rufous Bettong