By John Edwards October 2008
Following a rather low key article written by myself for the Daily Examiner's weekly
environment segment “Voices for the Earth", I received a rather personal attack from
the Northern NSW Regional Manager of Timber Communities Australia, Tony
Wade, accusing me of lying.
Basically my article suggested that the high level of timber residues, waste, and
damage to the remaining forest through carelessness, would be reduced if timber
were more expensive. I raised the issues of dieback, grazing and residue burning,
claiming that current practices were totally unsustainable.
Mr Wade saw things differently, claiming Australia's forest industry was “world
class". However, by blaming my “environmentalist mates" for “locking up" forests,
and forcing Forests NSW to fill their contractual commitments from an ever
decreasing forest estate, he is clearly admitting to our forests being over-logged.
When one looks at current forest practices in Asia, Africa and South America, the
claim that we have a world class timber industry is hardly comforting.
in NSW State Forests
Can anyone really accept that this is sustainable. The lack of canopy
in this Marengo forest is as close to clear felling as you could get.