Have you seen a platypus in the Clarence Valley?

Join the platy-project this September and record your sightings!

Have you ever spotted a platypus in the wild?

This September, we’re trying to get as many people as possible across the east coast of Australia to head down to their local creek or river, find a quiet place on the bank, try to spot a platypus and record what they see, or don’t see!

It’s all part of the platy-project month of action, brought to you by the Australian Conservation Foundation, and researchers at UNSW. Participating in the platy project not only supports the platypus, it’s also a great way to get outside, slow down and connect with nature. 

How does this help the platypus?

Even though the platypus is one of our most unique and iconic animals, there are big gaps in our knowledge about the creature, including where it lives and how big platypus populations are. With platypus numbers declining, the lack of existing platypus data is a huge barrier to getting the protection it needs from extinction. 

By recording where platypuses live, we can help researchers understand more about this incredible creature, its habitat, and help prevent further declines in their numbers. 

To take part, register at www.acf.org.au/platy-project for an easy-to-follow toolkit and access to the interactive platy-project map. The map shows where the best places near you are to try and spot a platypus, and lets you record your platypus sightings (if you’re lucky enough to see one) or your attempted sightings. You can even register and host a platypus month of action surveying event by getting a group together for a relaxing outdoor activity that also gives back to our environment. 

The Australian Conservation Foundation is holding a special webinar to mark the start of a huge month of searching for, and celebrating, the irreplaceable platypus. RSVP to the online launch of the platy-project month of action on Thursday 1 September at 6.30pm AEST, and hear from Dr Gilad Bino, platypus researcher at the University of New South Wales, and ACF nature campaigners among other speakers.

Read more about the platy-project or  sign up now to take part in September.

For any questions about the platy project month of action, please don’t hesitate to reach out platypus@acf.org.au

Platypus in Broken River, Queensland. Photo: Richard Woodgett