Building Community

Collaboration between the community and environment groups in the Clarence Valley is important as the sharing of skills and ideas result in better conservation outcomes for our environment.

While concentrating on advocacy for environment issues, the Clarence Environment Centre also works to complement and support the work of other Clarence Valley and north coast environmental organisations.

To find out more about the different environment and community groups in the Clarence Valley consult the directory below.
(Contact the Clarence Environment Centre to add your group to the list)

This page provides links to community and environmental groups in the Clarence Valley.

Please come back from time to time as this page is continuously being updated. 

Clarence Catchment Alliance (CCA)

Clarence Valley locals coming together to protect country, our waterways, culture and way of life. The CCA campaigns to ban open cut mining in the catchment of the Clarence Valley.

Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition

A Grafton base community group that is actively involved in a range of environmental issues in the local area and beyond.

Clarence Valley Conservation in Action Landcare

Affiliated the Landcare, this community group seeks to educate the community of the Clarence Valley on feral animal issues. This group also delivers feral animal control programs, currently focusing on Cane Toads and Indian Myna birds.

Clarence Koala Working Group

This group aims to progress strategic planning around Koala conservation in the Clarence Valley.

WIRES Clarence Valley

The Clarence Valley branch of Australia’s largest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organisation. If you find a sick, injured or orphaned native animal contact the Rescue Office on 1300094737 or submit the Report a Rescue form via

Envite Environment Grafton and Coffs Harbour

A not-for-profit organisation delivering contract ecological restoration services.

Lions Club of Clarence – Environmental

A Lions Club formed to highlight the importance of the biodiversity of fauna and flora Clarence Valley. Currently focused on supporting the recovery of the rare Coastal Emu.

Native Bee Landcare Group

A group dedicated to promoting the values of native stingless bees to the community.

North Coast Environment Council (NCEC)

The prime objective of the NCEC is to promote the cause of conservation and work for the better conservation of the North Coast of NSW.

North East Forest Alliance (NEFA)

Formed in 1989 as an alliance of groups and individuals from north-eastern NSW with the principal aim of protecting rainforest, oldgrowth, wilderness and threatened species.

Valley Watch

A core activity of Valley Watch is to monitor land use activities that impact on Clarence Valley riverine and wetland environments.