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The Clarence Environment Centre is located in Skinner Street, South Grafton on the Clarence River in the heart of the Clarence Valley.

The Clarence Environment Centre was formed by local residents in 1989 in response to pressures by the Japanese owned Daishowa multi-national woodchopping company to establish a Pulp and Paper Mill on the Clarence River. The ensuing campaign to stop the mill was successful and the proposal was officially shelved by the then NSW government early in 1990. Over the years the CEC has campaigned on a wide range of environmental issues which affect the valley.


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The CEC aims to promote, through education, the conservation, protection and betterment of the natural and social environment along sound social and ecological principles and guidelines.

The aims of the CEC shall be served by:

  • Acting as an environmental voice, public advocate and community conscience, by adopting policies and undertaking action to support the good health of the global and social environment, including public statements, press releases and submissions to promote the CEC's functions, services and policies.
  • Participating in, initiating and supporting non-violent campaigns of local, state, national and global significance for the environment and social issues.
  • Promoting objective environmental planning and rational landuse and allocation.
  • Reserve the right to investigate development policies which are seeking the use of natural resources.
  • Maintaining and developing the use of a suitably indexed source of information on environmental and social issues, including printed material, video and audio tapes.
  • Providing office space and a safe area for people, away from racial, sexist or social prejudices, to engage in activities which support the CEC.
  • Supporting groups and individuals effected by environmental and social justice issues.
  • Affiliating with other groups and organisations whose aims and objectives are consistent with those of the CEC.
  • Actively encourage self-determination and conciliation of indigenous people.


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3I - Qualifications

a) Membership shall be open to all individuals and organisations who accept the aim, objectives and rules of the CEC.

b) An unincorporated organisation is not capable of becoming a member of the CEC, but it may nominate individuals to be members to represent it.

c) Individuals and organisations wishing to become members of the CEC shall apply to the management committee.


3II - Nominations

a) The nomination of person or organisation for membership of the CEC shall be made by a member of the CEC in writing on the prescribed membership form, shall include the membership fee payable, and shall be lodged with a member of the Management Committee.

b) As soon as practicable after receiving a nomination for membership, the Committee Member shall refer the nomination to the Committee, which shall determine whether to approve or reject the nomination.


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