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- Chris H. Jones
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"With the establishment of the Clarence Environment Centre in 1989, there was a need to have a logo to assist visually in identifying the centre with the local area and which could be used in promoting the centre.

The Clarence Environment Centre came into being because of a push by Harris - Daishowa and the then State government to build a pulp mill on the Clarence River. The design of the logo was to illustrate the elements of the local environment, which would be severely affected by a pulp mill operating on the Clarence River. Those elements were river water, animals and birds that lived on or near to the river; and the surrounding forest trees and flora.

I took on the enjoyable task of designing a logo, which would incorporate a number of environmental features and elements common or native to the Clarence area. The first feature, and probably the most prominent and visually spectacular, was the Clarence River. The river is represented in the lower half of the design by a series of increasingly thick horizontal lines. Set within those lines of the river is a profile of the Eastern Cod, a fish which is native to the rivers of Northern NSW. The Eastern Cod was thought to be bordering onextinction within the waterways of this region, but has increased in numbers over recent years through a re-introduction programme conducted by the NSW Dept of Fisheries.

Clarence Environment Centre Logo

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The two land Masses rising out of the river are representations of the bushlands that surround the river and the north coast. They also represent the river islands, particularly Susan and Elizabeth Islands, and areas of remnant rainforest flora.

The bat in the sky,represents the two species of fruit bats that are common to the Clarence Valley - the grey headed flying fox and the little red flying fox. These bats breed in a large colony on Susan Island, and other parts of the clarence. They can be seen each spring / summer evening taking to the skies in their thousands searching for food.

The representation of branches, leaves and seed pods on the upper portion of the logo symbolises the forest trees which grow throughout the Clarence valley and in the mountains beyond. I particularly wanted these images to represent the square - fruited ironbark (Eucalyptus tetrapleura) which is endemic to the Grafton area, and is a rare and endangered species.I thought a circular design was the most appropriate - pleasing to the eye and easily used in promotions: badges, letterheads etc.

It is important to note that the original logo was designed to be black and white. It is only recently that there has been a wish to apply colour to the design. I have tried with limited success to find colours (via a computer programme) which match the various elements in the design."

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