Local Threats

Local threats to the Clarence Valley environment.

The Clarence Valley and catchment is world-famous for its temperate sub-tropical climate, relaxed nature-based lifestyle, county-coast hospitality, historical towns and industries, boating, surfing, camping, fishing, deep cultural ties to water, and our top-quality seafood, beef, and agri-food produce. The community prides itself on sharing the sheer beauty and health of our home with millions of visitors annually.

Below a list of the main very real and current threats that we, at the Clarence Environment Centre fight every day. Click on each tile to learn more, find papers, publications and news on each, then check out the bottom of each page for how you can help solve these issues with us.

Intensive Horticulture

Blueberry farming in the Clarence Valley has expanded immensely in recent decades, it pollutes our waterways, takes too much water and is largely unregulated.

Mining & Dams

Mining next to waterways has an appalling record of water pollution and our Catchment is under threat from potential open-cut mineral mining with explorations already underway.

Logging & Over Clearing

Our forests are facing ecological collapse.We continue to lobby and campaign for an end to logging in state forests, a branch of the timber industry that has consistently lost millions of dollars annually for the past two decades.

Water Theft & Pollution

When it comes to damming the river, Clarence Valley residents are united in opposition, however, when it comes to caring for the Clarence River, there is no such expression of fervour.

Too Frequent Fire

We see bush fire in a heating world as by far the greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide so changing the culture of too frequent burning is a priority for the Clarence Environment Centre