Flora Survey of Corymbia Conservation Reserve
Part of the
Bossiaea scortechinii
March 2007
The survey of Corymbia Conservation Reserve in March 2007 by Clarence
Environment Centre members, Patricia and John Edwards was undertaken as a part
of broader surveys of parks within the Kangaroo Creek sandstone areas that occur
from Glenreagh in the south to Banyabba.
These surveys have been undertaken to gather
scientific evidence to support a number of
threatened species nominations made by our
members including,
Boronia hapalophylla,
Lindernia alsinoides; Bertya longistyla
; and
the Brown Bloodwood – Sandstone
Mahogany community, all now listed as
However, three nominations are still
Bossiaea schortechinii
“Endangered Bossiaea" story
Tephrosia filipes,
and all were
targeted in these surveys.
Typical dry sclerophyll landscape with healthy understorey vegetation within the
Corymbia Nature Reserve, near Grafton.
Bossiaea scortechinii
found near
Shannon Creek, the first record of a typical
specimen from the North Coast of NSW