Despite the biodiversity values of the Shannon Creek site being three times greater
than either of two alternative sites, Shannon Creek was chosen as the site of a 30,000
ML regional water supply storage dam, and approval first granted in March 2000.
Even so, subsequent investigations by members of the Clarence Environment Centre
discovered that the site's values were grossly understated in the Environmental
Impact Statement (EIS). The number of threatened flora species that were to be
directly impacted by the proposal was found to be eight, not one as reported.
Five of the threatened flora were on the list of target species, but were not found; a
rare Brown Bloodwood community was not identified, dry rainforest was incorrectly
described, and a previously unknown species of
was incorrectly identified.
A campaign by various groups, including the Clarence Environment Centre, forced
the proponent, North Coast Water, to redo its Species Impact Statement (SIS).
Shannon Creek's Troubled Ecology
An Assessment of the Spring 2008 Monitoring Report
Major construction projects such as the Shannon Creek dam cannot be undertaken
without environmental consequences. In this case some 250 hectares of native
vegetation was cleared and replaced by water, concrete, bitumen, and exotic grasses.