In 2004, my wife and I presented a submission to various aspecte of the Shannon
Creek dam proposal (
Friends of Shannon Creek Action Group. We pointed
the extreme folly of trenching a pipeline across the Black Swamp wetland, and
the benefits of combining the access road with the pipeline with the following
comment (page 24 of the submission to the Access Road DA):
One benefit of having the road along the pipeline, which is not considered in the
comparative figures, is that there would be no cost associated with the construction
and on-going maintenance of a service track and linking tracks.
Nor would there be
any on-going erosion and siltation for which unsealed service tracks are
Those concerns were ignored - as is the norm.
However, ours was no idle prophesy as the following February 25, 2009,
photographs attest, and clearly show that
North Coast Water never had any intention
of spending money on maintenance and erosion control
The above photograph shows where a drainage gully into Black Swamp has broken a
flimsy containment bank and run down the pipeline, along the maintenance track,
directly into the western arm of Black Swamp where endangered coastal freshwater
wetland forest occurs, along with two sub populations of endangered
(previously identified in very close proximity on both sides of the track).
Pollution of endangered
Lindernia alsinoides
at Black Swamp caused by mismanagement by
North Coast Water along the pipeline to the
Regional Water Supply's Shannon Creek dam