November 2006
The Clarence Environment Centre (CEC) has contacted Forests NSW over concerns
relating to current logging of the Newfoundland State Forest.
We expressed regret that the Operational Harvest Plan No 2899 (OHP), relating to
the logging of compartments 454459, was not sent to us until after the logging had
commenced. In light of a number of serious issues raised by CEC over the past
twelve months, particularly in relation to threatened species destruction, this delay in
making the OHP available may have been deliberate. We have therefore asked that in
future our members be given time to assess the plans before the start of logging, in
order for us to provide constructive feedback.
When our members inspected the logging site on Coast Range Road, the road was
already closed. However, a considerable number of vulnerable Square-fruited
Ironbark trees,
were identified,
surrounding a large log dump.
As has been the case on previous
occasions, the threatened Ironbarks
had not been identified by Sate
Forests surveys, and so were not
included in the OHP.
A cursory inspection did not find evidence
of any
E tetrapleura
being harvested.
However, as the species surrounds the log
dump, we are confident that a number
would have been destroyed in that area.
The highly distinctive fruit of the vulnerable
Square-fruited Ironbark.
Damaged threatened Square-fruited Ironbark.