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Clarence Valley Flora and Fauna by Daniel McCawley

Daniel McCawley is an amature photographer who is passionate about frogs, orchids, crayfish and the Clarence Valley Environment on a whole. Daniel works on our bush regeneration team, monitors and surveys flora and fauna, and works in feral pest control. All these jobs take him out to some of our most precious places which enables him to capture these beautiful images of our beloved Clarence Valley.  The CEC would like to thank Daniel for allowing us to use these images on our website. 

Upper Coldstream Biodiversity Project

The Clarence Environment Centre’s team have been working closely with the Local Land Services on the Upper Coldstream Biodiverty Hotspot project with wonderful success.
Our Bush Regen’ team have been busy eradicating Lantana and other noxious weeds from properties in the area. While Pat and John Edwards have been busy identifying and reporting on the valuable flora in desperate need of protection.
Working with the North Coast Local Land Services has been a worthwhile project for the Clarence Environment Centre.