CEC Autumn 2023

In this issue: Arndilly, Council land fence-line follow-up. CEC BLAISING A CORRIDOR TRAIL FOR OUR LOCAL GLOSSY BLACK COCKATOOS, Keeping developers, and council planners, honest. A rainforest on the brink. Land For Wildlife new properties. Funding for the NSW Land for Wildlife (LfW) program. Callistemons of Stockyard Creek Road, Coaldale, Jan 2023.

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CEC Summer Newsletter 2023

In this issue: A LITTLE MORE ON THE KOALA WARS Forest wars, not quite done yet, Endangered Grevillea masonii  heading for extinction, Water Efficiency Working Group meeting, 24 Nov 22, Council's Biodiversity Offset requirement - Is it functional?, Lily's story - Eastern Grey joey, State Government's plastics incinerator plan, sprung, Another day in the bush, Report on management failures by NSW Forestry Corporation of State Forests in the Clarence Valley

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CEC Spring Newsletter 2022

In this issue: Wanted - Visionaries, Forest wars, not quite done yet, Hollow Hog demo day and why we need hollows, Are we seeing an end to native logging?, Spring is here, a day in the bush - the beautiful, rare and the ugly, Bertya longistylar (sp Nov, Endangered), The negative side of conservation, Destruction of protected landscapes - who is responsible?, All out to help our threatened species - Microbats and Glossy Blacks, Land for Wildlife update, Post Bushfire Condition of Dry Rainforest, stand up for koalas this upcoming NSW election

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CEC Winter Newsletter 2022

Who could have predicted that? They have to be kidding! CEC, working in support of Clarence Valley Council's Koala Working Group Land for Wildlife new members and properties in the Clarence Valley Ending NSW native forest logging by 2024 to prepare for the climate emergency Rest in Peace State of the Environment Report, by Meredith Stanton Small actions count; saving part of a population of the threatened pea Tephrosia filipes beneath powerlines. By Clive Barker Microbats still thriving at Shannon Creek Requesting a further chang

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CEC Autumn Newsletter

In this issue: Canute style leadership Southgate State Forest logging The NSW Koala Strategy MKII - Comments and train-of-thought asides from Pat Our Regional (undrinkable) Water Supply Some interesting flash-backs relating to current problems Another chance to reduce greenhouse gas emissions squandered COP26 declaration viewed as a window of opportunity to destroy forest Mining companies have no Social Licence to operate in the Clarence Valley ‘Convos in the Carpark’ event at Turner’s Beach, Yamba

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CEC Summer Newsletter

Vale, Stan Mussared Political spin - how they do it in politics More on plastics pollution in agriculture A worrying trend - that is disastrous for biodiversity The two minds of Chris Gulaptis Plans to reopen the Mt Carrington gold mine The reality of the West Yamba rezoning decision is revealed

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