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Clarence Valley Community Strategic Plan 2022 (may 22)
Hickey Street DA variation (may 22)
Managing Unreasonable Conduct Plan (may 22)
Protection Enviro Operations Regulation 2022 (apr 22)
West Yamba-DA-SUB 2019-0030 (jan 22)
Federal Farm Forestry Strategy (dec 21)
Kosciuszko WildHorse PoM (nov 21)
Opposing Redbank Wood-Fired Powerstation (sep 21)
National Draft Koala Recovery Plan (aug 21)
Long Term Sustainability Native Forest Logging (may 21)
North Coast Water Strategy (may 21)
Woombah Woods Caravan Park Extension (apr 21)
EPA Draft Regulatory Strategy (mar 21)
Coastal Harvestable Rights Review (jan 21)
Border Rivers Regional Water Strategy (dec20)
North Coast Regional Water Strategy (dec20)
Inquiry Into Rationale Water Infrastructure (sep20)
CVC's Water Efficiency Plans 2020 (jul20)
Santos Narrabrai Gas Field Proposal 2020 (jun20)
CVC's Draft Strategic Planning Strategy (jun20)
CVC's Draft Biodiversity Strategy (jun20)
PNF Code of Practice 2020 (may20)
Bushfire Royal Commission (apr20)
EPBC Review (mar20)
NSW Independent Bushfire Inquiry (mar20)
Right To Farm Bill (oct19)
Submission To Minister Emergency Services Fire (sep19)
DA2019-0369 Harwood Storage Yard (sep19)
CVC Biodiversity Strategy Review (sep19)
Deputation CVC - Hickey St. Iluka Development (aug19)
Upper House Koala Inquiry (aug19)
Harwood Optus Tower (jun19)
Rezoning Proposal Palmers Island (jun19)
Anchorage Caravan Park.DA.2019.pdf (may19)
Minister For Forestry - Clouds Creek Logging (apr19)
Private Native Forestry Code (jan19)
EPBC 2017-8003 Hickey St.Iluka (jan19)
Hunter Gas Pipeline (nov18)
Defense Dept. - Waste Removal - Bundjalung (oct18)
Iluka Subdivision Ref. 2017-8003 (oct18)
CVC re Vehicular Beach Access (aug18)
Shed & Mound Harwood Slipway (aug18)
Coastal IFOA Remake (jun18)
Water Reform Action Plan (apr18)
Harwood Marine Development Proposal (feb18)
Review of RFAs (feb18)
Jones Quarry (feb18)
Submission Referral.Ref_2017-8003 (aug17)
SubmissionSup.Iluka DA-215003 aug17)
Iluka DA-215003 (aug17)
Travelling Stock Route Review (jun17)
Biodiversity Conservation Regulation (jun17)
Coutts Cemetery Pine Trees (jun17)
CVC Dumping Tyson St (jun17)
Santos Narrabri Gasfield Proposal (may17)
Our Ports Review (apr17)
Koala Strategy (mar17)
SEPP 44 Review (mar17)
SOS Iconic Koalas (mar17)
South Grafton Golf Course (mar17)
CVC Community Strategic Plan (feb17)
Draft Coastal Management SEPP (jan17)
SEPP 44 Review Submission (dec16)
Iluka Development Submission Mark2 (dec16)
Commonwealth Marine Parks (oct16)
Amendments to EP&A Act (sep16)
Crown Lands Review July2016 (jul16)
Biodiversity Bill Submission (jul16)
KosciuszkoNP Wild Horse Mangement Review (jun16)
DPI Water Licence Application (30SL0667327) (apr16)
NSW Biodiversity Conservation Bill (mar16)
Draft Coastal Management Bill (mar16)
Iluka Subdivision (feb16)
Council Meeting Protocols (jan16)
Hampton Road Proposal (nov15)
Crown Lands Review (nov15)
Draft Forest Management Plan (oct15)
Warkworth Mine Expansion (aug15)
Boundary Creek Quarry (aug15)
Report to CVC on Erosion Along Roads to Quarigo (jun15)
Minister Blair re Crown Land Sell-off (jun15)
Letter To Independent Senators Re Biomass (jun15)
Inquiry Into Local Government (jun15)
Review of SEARs for mining (jun15)
Charity Status of Environmental Groups (apr15)
Boundary Ck Quarry Consent Conditions (mar15)
Harwood Island Industrial Rezoning (Mark 3) (jan15)
Chris Gulaptis CSG Licence Renewals (dec 14)
Irongates Development (dec 14)
NJRPP heaing Kungala Quarry (nov 14)
Flying Fox Camp Management Strategy (nov 14)
Ballina Koalas (jul 14)
Biodiversity Legislation Review (jul 14)
EPA Performance Inquiry (jul 14)
Logging State Conservation Areas (jul 14)
NCEC Ministers re Metgasco (jun 14)
Crown Lands Legislation White Paper (jun 14)
Harwood Marine Precinct (may 14)
Clarence Valley Council DCP (may14)
Review of Australias Renewable Energy Target (may14)
Framework For Biodiversity Assessment (apr14)
IFOA Review 2014 (mar14)
Weeds Review (mar14)
Senate Inquiry Environmental Offsets (mar14)
Boundary Creek Quarry (mar14)
PacHwy Upgrade Destroys Biodiversity (feb14)
Orara Reserve - CEC Annual Report (feb14)
Koala EPBC Act referrals (feb14)
Proposed Kungala Quarry (jan14)
Emerald Beach Development (jan14)
Harwood Marine Precinct Proposal - updated (jan14)
GBRMPA re Abbot Point - Great Barrier Reef (dec13)
RMS PacificHwy Woolgoolga to Ballina (dec13)
Minister Parker RMS response to roadkill (dec13)
FSC Controlled Wood (nov13)
Gateway Process (oct13)
Response To Minister Hodgkinson Letter (oct13)
Waratah Coal's 4th coal-loading facility in Newcastle (oct13)
Open letter to Prime Minister on climate change (sep13)
Changes Allowing Burning Biomass (aug13)
Yamba Bypass Referral (jul13)
Santos Pilligar Referal No_20136918 (jul13)
NSW Planning White Paper (jun13)
National Veg Act changes (jun13)
Janelle Saffin re National Parks Protection (jun13)
Review of Solar Feed-in Tariffs (jun13)
Submission to Soil Association-Woodmark re Boral FSC application (may13)
CSG Exclusion Zones (apr13)
Iluka Holiday Park Deputation (apr13)
Chief Scientist's CSG review (apr13)
Planning White Paper (mar13)
EPA ~ ongoing habitat tree destruction (feb13)
Pacific Hwy - Woolgoolga to Ballina (jan13)
Letter to Chris Gulaptis (jan13)
CVC Council re Metgasco (jan13)
Min.Burke re MaulesCr mine LeardSF decision (jan13)
Senate Inquiry into effectiveness of enviro laws (dec12)
Letter to Minister Hartcher re Glenugie (nov12)
Gulaptis-O'Farrell re World Bank warning (nov12)
Premier re grazing (nov12)
Catchment Action Plan 2 (nov12)
Att: NSW Politicians re EDO Funding Cuts (nov12)
Anchorage Caravan Park Extenction (nov12)
Minister Burke re EPBC Greentape decision (oct12)
RMS Grafton Bridge options (sep12)
Hazard Reduction Discussion Paper (sep12)
Planning Green Paper (sep12)
Pacific Hwy Upgrade Wells Crossing - Iluka Rd (sep12)
Native Vegetation Regulations PNF Code (aug12)
Ministers re Koala Protection (aug12)
Cultural Events Site Proposal Yelgun (aug12)
Management Public Lands Inquiry (jul12)
Anchorage Caravan Park Iluka (jul12)
Cronulla Fisheries Closure (jul12)
CMA Chair NativeVegetationAct PNF Code Reviews (jul12)
Submission on Yamba Bypass (jun12)
Horse Riding National Parks (jun12)
Submission on Marine Parks (jun12)
Shooter's bill amendment comments (jun12)
Grange logging june 2012 (jun12)
Off-leash dog walking area.Iluka (jun12)
Changes to The Game and Feral Animal Control Regulation 2004 (jun12)
Biobanking review 2012 (may12)
Waratah Coal's proposed new coal loader (apr12)
Report on CloudsCreekOHP, Cpts.72-73.pdf (mar12)
Flying-fox anti-shooting statement (mar12)
Richmond ValleyCouncil re Metgasco (mar12)
Tarrawonga Coal Mine Expanision (feb12)
Wind farms (feb12)
Hon Rob Oakeshott Burning Forest Biomess (feb12)
Kings Forest Development (feb12)
Energy White Paper (jan12)
Lismore Koala PoM (jan12)
Murray Darling Basin Plan (jan12)
NSW Planning Review (jan12)
Premier O'Farrell re Whiporie gas mining (jan12)
Minister Parker re GrangeSF determination (dec 11)
Waterview Subdivision Application (dec 11)
Assessment of AustralianGovt Forestry Inquiry (dec 11)
West Yamba Subdivision (dec 11)
Waratah Coal - Bimblebox Nature Refuge (nov 11)
Draft Australian Biodiversity Policy (oct11)
Iluka Caravan Park Extension (oct11)
EPBC Act Offsets Policy (oct11)
Marine Parks (sep11)
LHPA in NSW (sep11)
Native Vegetation Act Review (sep11)
Minister Burke re Koalas (sep11)
Coal Seam Gas (sep11)
Hastings Point Development (sep11)
Clean Energy Bill (aug11)
Grey Nurse Shark protection (aug11)
Koala Protection (aug11)
Ecological Consultants Bill (aug11)
Flying-fox referral (jul11)
Marine Parks Moratorium (jun11)
Wood-fired Power Generation.pdf (jun11)
Pillaga Coal Seam Gas Mining.pdf (jun11)
Grey Nurse Shark (jun11)
Boral's Controlled Wood application (jun11)
Minister Chris Bowen on Refugees (may11)
NSW Coal and Gas Strategy (may11)
Kangaroo Creek Sand Quarry (apr11)
CVC Development Control Plan (apr11)
Flora Survey Chambigne Nature Reserve (mar11)
Water Act 2007 (mar17)
Minister Burke on coal mining (feb11)
Mid North Coast Regional Conservation Plan (feb11)
NSW Biodiversity Strategy (jan11)
Curracabundi Wilderness proposal (dec10)
Noxious Weeds Act Review (dec10)
Hearnes Lake Development (nov10)
Threatened Species Conservation Act (nov10)
Minister Burke re Koalas(nov 10)
Murray-Darling Basin Plan  (nov10)
Splendour In The Grass (nov10)
CVC Koala Plan  (nov10)
CVC Koala Plan (oct 27th)
NCEC referral response flying foxes  (oct10)
Mountain Biking in Parks  (oct10)
Waterview Heights Subdivision  (oct10)
Baker's MaIntyre Lane Subdivision (oct10)
Maclean Flying Foxes Removal (oct10)
R.T.A. Grafton Bridge  (aug10)
Ecological loggimg proposal  (aug10)
DA for Lot 156, Hastings Point  (jul10)
CVC's Bio Management  (may10)
National Parks Development  (may10)
Macrozamia johnsonii  (may 10)
Lawrence Subdivision  (may10)
CVC Climate Change Policy (apr10)
Dogs on Ballina Beaches (apr10)
Eden's Wood-fired PowerStation (apr10)
Renewable Energy Targets (apr10)
Koala Plight (apr10)
Submission to CVC Draft LEP (mar10)
Marine Parks Inquiry (mar10)
Burragan Road Subdivision (mar10)
Sen. Wong re Climate Change (feb10
Gulmarrad Subdivision (feb10)
Coal Power Stations (feb10)
Pacific Hwy Glenugie (feb10)
Coffs Council re Bonville (feb10)
FNC Regional Plan (jan10)
Chatsworth Hill (jan10)
National Park Staff Cuts (jan 7th)
Plantations Act Review (jan10)
Premier Keneally Red Gums (dec09)
Forestry-Plantations Minister Kelly (nov09)
Maclean Flying Foxes Min. Firth (nov09)
Pacific Highway Minister Garrett (nov09)
N. Rivers Biodiversity Plan Sub 2 (nov09)
Pacific Hwy Subnissions Response (nov09)
Nymbodia Weir Fish Ladder (oct09)
River Red Gum Submission (oct09)
Pacific Hwy. Upgrade ~ Glenugie (aug09)
Caring for our Riverside Parks (aug09)
EPBC Act Interim Report (aug09)
Regional Forest Agreements (jul09)
Mororo Creek Nature Reserve (jul09)
Proposed Shooters Bill (jun09)
CVC on Grease Trap Proposal (jun09)
Forestry Regulation 2009 (jun09)
Energy White Paper (may09)
CloudsCreek Minister Macdonald (may09)
Ramornie NP Management Plan (may09)
Federal Biodiversity Plan (apr09)
Review of FNPE Act (apr09)
RTA Pacific Hwy Sharks Creek (apr09)
Commercialisation of Parks (mar09)
Proposed National Parks and Wildlife Regulation 2009 (mar09)
W Yamba - Gulmarrad Growth (mar09)
DECC Sea Level Rise (mar09)
Pacific Hwy design (mar09)
West Yamba LEP (mar09)
State Biodiversity Plan DECC (feb09)
Hon Tebbutt re clouds creek forest (feb09)
CVC biodiversity management plan (feb09)
forest agreements (dec08)
yamba floodplain risk management (sep08)
junction hill development (sep08)
CPRS green paper review (sep08)
EPBC act review (sep08)
compensatory habitat VCA (aug08)
flying fox maclean relocation (jul08)
solitary islands marine park (may08)
2020 summit outcomes north coast (apr08)
steve cansdell re plantation forestry (apr08)
grafton 2020 summit seminar (apr08)
more plant deaths shannon creek (mar08)
water utility inquiry (mar08)
regional water efficiency plan (feb08)
clarenza LEP and rezoning proposal (jan08)
mid north coast regional strategy (jan08)
biobanking submission (jan08)
power privatisation (jan08)
DPI tree plantation issues (jan08)
garnaut review (jan08)
plantation forestry review (dec07)
weeds management report (nov07)
shannon creek VCR assessment (nov07)
rural regional taskforce (oct07)
red gum national park (oct07)
plantations - senate inquiry? (sep07)
plantations - ecologically sustainable
forest management plan (aug 07)

crocodile hunting (jul 07)
farmland mapping project (jul 07)
owen inquiry - electricity (jul 07)
senate inquiry - traveston dam (jun 07)
mooralbin coal mine submission (may 07)
national water initiative (feb 07)
pacific hwy–wells crossing-iluka rd (oct 06)
private native forestry (oct 06)
anvill hill coal mine (sep 06)
west yamba draft LEP (sep 06)
barking owl SIS response (2005)
flying fox SIS response (2005)
grey crowned babbler SIS response (2005)
grey crowned babbler decline (may05)
koala draft recovery plan (2005)
rock wallaby SIS response (2005)
rock wallaby impacts RWSP (2004)
boronia hapalophylla (2004)

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