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REPORT: Post Bushfire Condition of Dry Rainforest

In November 2019, the Liberation Trail bushfire decimated the Nymboida area, destroying more than 50 homes. The environmental damage was enormous, made worse by what is arguably the worst drought in the close to 200 years of white occupation of the area. That prolonged drought, combined with record high temperatures and heatwaves, saw moisture content of vegetation at such low levels that living trees were reduced to charcoal.

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SUBMISSION: Native Forest Wood in the Renewable Energy Target

The CEC finds the term “wood waste” completely unacceptable, particularly that taken from native forest. It is not waste, it is crucial habitat for Australia’s unique fauna, and the source of essential nutrients for plants to grow and create healthy biodiverse ecosystems. Read our recommendations here…

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Clarence Valley Picnic for Nature 16 Oct 2022

On the 16th of October this year, we’ll be holding our first Picnic for Nature where communities across the state will come together to host and hold picnics to celebrate nature. This is more than just a fun day of getting outside with family and friends, it’s an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty and biodiversity of our local area and a chance for you to connect with your community and local environmental groups.

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CEC Winter Newsletter 2022

Who could have predicted that? They have to be kidding!
CEC, working in support of Clarence Valley Council’s Koala Working Group
Land for Wildlife new members and properties in the Clarence Valley
Ending NSW native forest logging by 2024 to prepare for the climate emergency
Rest in Peace
State of the Environment Report, by Meredith Stanton
Small actions count; saving part of a population of the threatened pea Tephrosia filipes beneath powerlines. By Clive Barker
Microbats still thriving at Shannon Creek
Requesting a further chang

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Spring is here – and what a day in the bush!

We found the endangered shrub Grevillea masonii, Caladenia fuscata, or Dusky Fingers orchid, a Black She-oak, Allocasuarina litoralis with a mass of freshly chewed cones, a sure sign of the endangered Glossy-black Cockatoo, a spectacular flowering Boronia chartacea and the biggest cane toad ever!

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Have you seen a platypus in the Clarence Valley?

This September, we’re trying to get as many people as possible across the east coast of Australia to head down to their local creek or river, find a quiet place on the bank, try to spot a platypus and record what they see, or don’t see!

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Weed Eradication Report

  • Trenayr – Eradication of Cat Claw Creeper at the Grafton Agricultural Research Station
  • Hayards Crossing Traveling Stock Reserve, Orara Way – Privet infestation along the Orara Way near Bluff Bridge.
  • Pillar Valley – Eradicating Lantana invasion in gullies on private land.

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